I am a creative designer based in London. Since 2013, I have developed a flexible yet unique career path which involves both print and digital mediums specializing in Branding, Editorial and Experience Design particularly Web and UI Design.

I have had the pleasure of working for brands like Adidas, Casio Electronics, Hertz and Stella Artois. I have also had the pleasure and opportunity of working with agencies such as Futurebrand, PublicisSapient and Adjust your Set.

Upper Ground Cultural Strategy

Editorial Design



Project Vista is an upcoming development in Lambeth and Placemaking agency FutureCity was assigned to create a strategy in enhancing the community culture for the development via the cultural strategy document.

My role was to design the document and apply interactive aspects to the documents via QR code to blend the digital aspirations the cultural strategy is trying to convey within the document making for an engaging read towards potential investors.