I am a creative designer based in London. Since 2013, I have developed a flexible yet unique career path which involves both print and digital mediums specializing in Branding, Editorial and Experience Design particularly Web and UI Design.

I have had the pleasure of working for brands like Adidas, Casio Electronics, Hertz and Stella Artois. I have also had the pleasure and opportunity of working with agencies such as Futurebrand, PublicisSapient and Adjust your Set.

Tax Systems

Product Design



Tax Systems creates compliance software for tax and financial data. Their main products are Alphatax and AlphaVAT. I was contracted as a product designer to deliver new concepts and features for the product based on ongoing insights and data. I also help the product team in maintaining the consistency and design of the products.

Tax System’s challenge was always ensuring the user is able to identify, interpret and define tax data in the more concise and accurate format possible. Therefore in order to take on that challenge, Tax System’s research teams are constantly testing and evaluating the product. The research was used to influence and identify any design decisions to be made within the platform.


One of the design decisions I helped support was the implementation of cell states. Previous data has shown that 40% of users would like a feature which sources and verifies calculations made within the platform to ensure every aspect of that data is accurate.


I was also given the responsibility of working on the Tax System’s DS. Any time there is a confirmed design decision done in the UI, I would be tasked with adding these designs to the system as components and document them.

  I would work with the developers to ensure each design works seamlessly with the coding platforms. This would include providing instructions and documentations on how the components work.