I am a creative designer based in London. Since 2013, I have developed a flexible yet unique career path which involves both print and digital mediums specializing in Branding, Editorial and Experience Design particularly Web and UI Design.

I have had the pleasure of working for brands like Adidas, Casio Electronics, Hertz and Stella Artois. I have also had the pleasure and opportunity of working with agencies such as Futurebrand, PublicisSapient and Adjust your Set.

PublicisSapient x IQOS

UI Design



I was assigned to the Philip Morris International account via Publicis Sapient as a Visual Designer to work on the IQOS brand refresh. I assisted the experience team producing the UI design of the various web pages of the IQOS brand and their sub-brands ILUMA and VEEV.

Each webpage was not only designed based on the user journey provided by the Experience Designers but also ensured each page compiled with the legal guidelines of each the market the site is made to cater to via the terms “consumables” and non-consumables.

Each design is based on the component design system provided the Experience team to ensure consistency and efficiency for every page involved in the overall user journey of both ILUMA and VEEV.